Thursday, February 22, 2018

Cardinal Tobin sends his love to baby — whomever baby is

“NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — A New Jersey archbishop raised a few eyebrows when he tweeted "Nighty-night, baby. I love you," but his spokesman says it was an errant message intended for his sister.
Cardinal Joseph Tobin's spokesman says the leader of the Newark Roman Catholic archdiocese later deleted Wednesday's tweet because it was being misinterpreted.
Spokesman Jim Goodness says Tobin has eight younger sisters and "they're all his baby sisters." Goodness said he doesn't know how the siblings were communicating before the message was tweeted out. Tobin's Twitter account shows he tweets infrequently.”

Cardinal Tobin, who Steven D. Greydanus recently had the pleasure of sitting next to, has said of women in the church, “Maybe my theology isn’t sophisticated enough, but I don’t believe that there’s a compelling theological reason why the Pope couldn’t name a woman cardinal.”

The Sacred Holocaust Dogma of Judaism

Talmudists are shaking down Poland 
because they have milked Germany dry

#NeverForget that only Jews are allowed to have laws
that punish those who question their fantasies

240 articles or adverts which mention the figure of six million Jews starting in A. D. 1900 and ending in A. D. 1945. (read online) (pdf)

More on ‘Six-Million’ & the ‘Holocaust’:

More Jewish threats:

You can’t question stories like these...

#Holodomor #Nakba #Gulags #AntiGoyite #Bolsheviks
#Occupation #JudaicBullying #NeverAgain #AntiGoyim

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Francis is mentally unstable

Sandro Magister’s latest piece for L’Espresso, explains how Francis is constantly rewriting his past, in order to cover up the fact that he is mentally unstable and unfit to be occupying the Petrine Office.

Antonio Spadaro isn’t happy with EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo

Antonio Spadaro’s retweet

What’s an interdict?

What is Spadaro so upset about?

(Raymond Arroyo, Fr. Gerald Murray, and Mr. Robert Royal 
call out Francis, Fr. Spadaro, and Cardinal Cupich 
during the first 33 minutes of the show.)

More on Fr. Antonio Spadaro:

More on Cardinal Blase Cupich:

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Nothing demonstrates Francis’ ‘humbleness’ more than standing for Adoration

(click image to enlarge)

 Francis, like his good friends the rabbis, has no problem correcting God.

“God smiled and said: ‘My sons have defeated Me, My sons have defeated Me!’ God’s sons ‘defeated him’ with their arguments. Rabbi Yehoshua was correct in his contention that a view confirmed by majority vote must be accepted, even where God Himself holds the opposite view.”
source: Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Bava Metzia 59b, Steinsaltz Edition [NY: Random House 1990], Vol. III p.237

Thanks to Catholic Sat for pointing out Francis’ behavior.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Francis the Merciful

The Dictator Pope was in a merciful mood.

The kerfuffle between the Vatican and the Diocese of Ahiara in Nigeria looks to be over. Francis the Merciful, resolved the situation when he accepted the resignation of the rejected Bp. Peter Ebere Okpaleke and decided not to proceed with his promised canonical sanctions against the priests of the diocese.  He did however offer them a stern warning to never again repeat such unreasonable actions opposing a bishop legitimately appointed by the Supreme Pontiff!  After much bad press — ranging from lying about evidence of sex crimes in the Novus Ordo church to the betrayal of Catholics in China — here’s Francis throwing his opponents a bone and letting them claim a small victory.  See he really is a good guy!  We at Call Me Jorge... suspect that Francis could care less about Benedict XVI’s appointee, Bp. Okpaleke, because now he’ll get to give the diocese to one of his representatives of revolution.


More Opus (Ju)Dei propaganda to 
rebuild Francis’ faltering image

Look! Francis is a normal humble guy!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Francis declares, “Benedict and I are on the waiting list” to become saints!!!

“There are two [recent] Bishops of Rome already Saints [John XXIII and John Paul II].  Paul VI will be a saint this year. One with the beatification cause in progress, John Paul I, his cause is open.  And Benedict and I, are on the waiting list: pray for us!”